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1.Nearly 10 years' experience in foreign trade(import&export)2.Good relations with all suppliers3.Knowing through and through about cooperative partners and the situations of products4.High quality,Low price,Cost-effective5Honest,Friendly,PatientFJ accessories was established in 2007 and we specilized in all kinds of sun visors manufacturing, our visors are popular and hot sold to all around of the world. our visors are suitable for any type of sports or outdoor activities. great for camping, hiking, jogging, ridding, golf, tennis, watching ball game or simply walking outdoor activities.* custom production * eco friendly material * anti uv certification * professional team follow upOUR STRENGTHglobal warming is a big issue to us, overexposure to ultravilote radiation over many years causes serious heath problems such as skin cancers, our visor will provide all-day protection and reduce your exposure.
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  • 30 2020.04
    On June 7, the Daan Gene Investor Interactive Platform stated that it has a new type of coronavirus research reagent product. Recently, investors have asked on the interactive platform. [At present, WHO encourages all member states to continue to monitor severe acute respiratory infections and carefully check for any abnormal cases! Does the company have any research projects to develop new types of coronavirus detection reagents?" In response, Daan responded that the company already has a new type of coronavirus research reagent product. According to previous reports, the World Health Organization announced on June 2 that the Italian Ministry of Health has reported two cases of laboratory-confirmed Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus. WHO re-emphasizes the importance of implementing infection prevention and control systems in health facilities. WHO stated that health care institutions that provide treatment to patients suspected or diagnosed to have contracted the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus should take appropriate measures to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus to other patients, health workers and visitors. Since September 2012, WHO has received worldwide reports of 53 confirmed cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus infection, 30 of which have died. In the following sections
  • 20 2020.04
    In recent years, hand sanitizer has gradually replaced soap because of its convenience and hygiene. However, studies have shown that some hand sanitizers contain antibacterial chemicals harmful to the human body, such as triclosan, which can cause damage to human thyroid gland and even kill all bacteria, and the skin over time. The bacteria on it are also "resistant". In addition, it may also contain phthalates, polyethylene glycol, affecting reproductive health and even cancer. Therefore, be sure to rinse thoroughly after washing your hands with hand sanitizer. When using hand sanitizer, it is best to rub your hands for more than 30 seconds, then rinse with running water for at least 15 seconds until your hands feel guilty. If you have the conditions, you can take 1 minute. Some hand sanitizers will have a slippery feeling after passing through, it is difficult to judge whether it is washed out. At this point, you can use both palms to face each other, and forcefully rub each other for a few times. If there is a thin white foam on the hand, there is still residual hand sanitizer. Many people are afraid that the hand washing is not clean, so a large amount of hand sanitizer is put on the hand. When washing, Professor Zhang Lihua, director of the dermatology department of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, reminds that it is easy to damage the skin, but not to reta
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