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Established in 2007,leader of Sun Visor cap industry. Specilized in all kinds of sun visors lens style;Focus on outdoor activities,protect skin. Own factory- 5 prodution line;50 Employees;Own embroidery machine;Completely inspection system; Market-mostly Europe and America; Own design department - aim to create new Sun visor model and improved visor quality day by day.
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  • 19 2020.10
    UV or Ultraviolet Rays are a type of ray that appear on the electromagnetic spectrum (a group of named radiating waves that are around humans everyday). Other examples of rays on this spectrum of waves are that of Radio waves, and X-rays. UV rays are emitted from the sun, and reach the Earth after a long journey through space. They can travel very fast; have a short wavelength, and a high yet decreasing frequency. There are three types of known Ultraviolet ray, named after the letters A, B and C, none of which we (humans) can visibly see. UVA and UVB (abbreviations for Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B), are the two types of Ultraviolet ray that people on Earth are exposed too. They both have their benefits and dangers
  • 13 2020.10
    According to one professional organization, the average person touches their face 23 times an hour. It can be hard to curb this habit, but, luckily, there's a new sort of face covering that can really help. Our sun shield is a stylish face shield that's making it much easier. This lightweight, reusable face shield provides a physical barrier that blocks subconscious face touching. This means that it will be much more difficult for the germs we encounter to make their way into our system and get us sick. Made from polycarbonate, our sun shield has scratch-resistant coatings that ensure you'll always have a clear view. Stylistically, the face shield has a minimalist design that makes it nearly invisible. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, cycling enthusiasts may also appreciate that it can double as a wind blocker. But what if you wear glasses or need to use a face mask? Not to worry, our sun shield adapts to both situations.
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